The Mall

by Jessica Jentink

makes me hate
everything I am
everything I am not
everything I have
everything I have not

makes me want
more than I can afford
more than I need
more than I should want
more than anyone should want

makes me feel
like I should have skipped lunch
like I should have skipped lunch for the past 3 months
like I should fit into their jeans
like I should fit into their designer girl

makes me think
about the kids who look for crumbs
about the kids who are crying
about the kids who are dying
about the shirt I forgot I had

makes me angry
at America for calling me ugly
at my family for not understanding
at myself for being an idiot
at my God for conviction

beauty is value
says the lie
value is beauty
says the truth

the tug-of-war for a heart
her heart

she’s tired of manipulation
she’s tired of fighting it
she’s tired of buying the look
she’s tired of buying the girl
she’s supposed to be

she’s the American girl

so shut up, American mannequin
you don’t work
you don’t diet
you don’t study for finals
you don’t have a boyfriend
or an atrium
or know anything at all
about what it means
to be a girl
because you are fake
fake like their lies

you are not real
pimples are real
wrinkles are real
adipose tissue is real
and it’s okay
if you know it’s okay
to say goodbye to beautiful

to the boys:
find a new beautiful to want
one that doesn’t cost so much
and one that a girl can be
without trying
because she already is that beautiful
underneath her skin

and be happy
that ABC
never gave Miss America
a Mr. America
to make you feel

the way we do


7 responses to “The Mall

  1. So true, I can totally relate to this. I think the last part about ABC says it all.

  2. so true. Thanks. 🙂

  3. That was great and it definitely rang a bell!
    Damn malls.

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  5. i loved this. i posted it on my blog, and linked back here. hope that’s ok! 🙂

  6. So beautifully written… Will be posting it in my Facebook notes, credited to you, where it is due! ❤

  7. Are you a CHEERLEADER!? The amount of pep in that poem was amazing! ❤ [giggle]

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