“Shaving the Head”

hi, i’m nancy.

Shaving my head, for the first time ever was incredible. Although I wanted to cut off my own head because it itched so badly, it was very liberating. I would do it again in a second. Well, after I grow it out again.

I shaved it mostly for myself but it was also for a friend. Her name is Caitlin and she has a very rare disease, so rare, it doesn’t have a name. Caitlin should have died a long time ago but she is still going strong today. Her doctors think her grandmother had the same thing but they have no way of finding that out.

Ok, story time.

Sitting down at home watching TV and very bored, I called up Caitlin and asked her what she was doing.

She said, “Nothing, just watching a movie. You?”

I say, “Watching ‘Legion’ and thinking you should shave my head.”

“ARE YOU CRAZY?!” she asks with much, much emphasis on the ‘crazy.’

My response is, “Obviously!” (Just to let you know, I was thinking about shaving my head for quite a while before that. It wasn’t an impulsive move, I had thought about it for a month.)

We – Caitlin and I – shave each other’s heads and drive to my house an hour later. We walk into my house with our heads both shaved as my parents come down the stairs. They both woke up to greet us at the door. It was quite the bonding experience. From then on, we were both known as “Baldie.”

Her boyfriend at the time was watching in North Carolina on Skype. Caitlin finished one side of my head and let me tell you, it was strange! Her boyfriend was on the floor laughing. Let me set up a mental picture for you. Imagine a girl with auburn, longer-than-the-shoulder, layered, curly hair. Now imagine half of it shaved. Yeah.

Peach fuzz verses voluminous curly locks.
Peach fuzz.  When she was done it was so light! I’ve had long, curly hair my whole life and being freed from that was like running through a meadow knowing that you can do anything you want.
Like I said. Incredible.

That was back in October 2009. Now, it’s longer and back to the natural curl. Some would say it’s an Afro but I say it’s nice to have hair. But hey, I can put it in a ponytail! When I had hair, that’s what people would look at. It was big and fluffy. Now everyone can see my face. Apparently, I’ve been told, my “short-do” makes my eyes pop, too.

I like being seen.

Boys look at me differently because my hair isn’t hiding me anymore.

The best part about having short hair is that you get random scalp massages, which I love!! I’ve loved them before but I think people were scared to get their hands eaten by my hair.

I feel like every woman should shave her head – even if her head is misshapen. It’s not only an amazing experience, but your hair gets a new life. And in some ways you do too. It’s a different perspective; it’s like another world.


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